In early life, what you need to know about Ajimovoix Drums before the music.

Oguntade Adewale Damola is professionally known as AJimovoix drums. He was born in Oluwakemi street Aga, one of the busiest streets in Ikorodu local government area Lagos State, Nigeria.

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The music star was born into a highly esteemed Christian class popularly known as CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM. He grew up with his parents in Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria.

Ajimovoix drums at an early age, begin school immediately at year two. He attended NOBLE STAR COLLEGE AND SCHOOLS formerly, termed Saint Patricks Nursery and Primary School Ikorodu.

Due to his stubbornness, his parents tend to improve his lifestyle and design a better future. They had to change his school to one of the most immeasurable institutions in Nigeria’s history MAYFLOWER SCHOOLS IKENNE where he completed his primary education.

At his Higher education grade, he migrated to Ikorodu, where he commenced his secondary learning. He attended government grammar school YEWA GRAMMAR SCHOOL.

AJimovoix is a devotee of God that he was one of the prayer warriors in the school society and a class administrator. After he finishes his secondary education, AJimovoix’s parents transferred him to Ghana to live with one of their brothers to have more experience in life.

When he returned home, his parent had already relocated to their very personal house one year later, he came back to continue his education, instead of advancing with the university, AJimovoix chooses to study the Bible instead, then he attended LIFE Theological Seminary Ikorodu Lagos.
He is the one that produces the latest hit beat aptly titled, AJimovoix Focus Beat featuring Hagman and Abati.