Chaotic seen in Kabul International Airport as thousands of Afghanistan Nationals trying to desert the country as the Taliban take over Kabul province, the metropolis of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Apparently, on Monday 16th August, thousands of Afghanistan citizens stood despairing to leave the country amidst Taliban inclusive control.
President of Afghanistan left the country to avoid bloodshed, representatives, and thousands of citizens joined the idea of evacuating from the country for a haven.

In a recent interview with the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Dr. Ashraf Ghani vocalized to the press his recent travel to the current destination,
He said, ” I do not want Bloodshed”. The Taliban has gained nearly 70% of Afghanistan’s territory.

A video caught the moments Afghanistan citizens fell from the plane near Kabul international airport amidst the Taliban government.

The United States of America has deployed thousands of soldiers to safeguard the Kabul international airport for the security of their nationals whilst other countries step to evacuate their citizens at these significant moments.
The Afghanistan citizens are desperate to leave the country by all means.